Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grant's Wish Fundraiser: March 20

It's cool, we don't have so many followers on our blog :)

However, for anyone out there... this is important. On the outskirts of Chicago, we will be hosting our first attempt at a fundraiser. Grant's Wish is to showcase our wonderful children and the wishes for their future. Grant, and the rest of our children, have a genetic disorder called Galactosemia. We are having this fundraiser to (1) help families afford to go to the bi-annual conference (this year in Minneapolis) and (2) help fund research to hopefully find a cure or manage a way to live a better life even with this disorder.

Every parent has hopes and dreams for their children. Most of us found out this disorder existed when our child was diagnosed. Some people caught it quickly and had less complications, some were not that lucky. We hope that our children can avoid or at least manage the complications that come with Galactosemia.

Please join us on March 20 for our fundraiser (please see details on or check out the website to see how you can donate. There are also many incredible donations that are already online for our silent auction.

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Anonymous said...

I am a student at Manor New Tech High School in Manor,Tx. I am researching galactosemia. I would like to interview you to learn about the history of galactosemia in your family so that i can learn about inhertience patterns. Please email me back at
Thank You for your time,Abigail Ojeda .