Friday, September 26, 2008

baby food

I am going to use this blog to start getting good info from all of you. With Shyla slowly approaching the magic month for solids I am looking for any resources you might have. I plan on making a lot of her food. We did with Kaya. Denise gave me a few suggestions for baby food "cookbooks". Just wondering if anybody else has any good resources. Also, did/does everyone use premade food from either gerber or beechnut. There are some reasonably priced organic brands now. Should I risk it or stick to the familiar ones where the galactose contents have already been tested-even though that data is from 2000. Am I stressing too much too early? Shyla is only 3 months old.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with getting info. early so you can make informed decisions when it's time to feed Shyla. It is hard when the babies begin to eat because it feels like we don't have good sound advice when it comes to food. I believe you already know I did not purchase any food for Grant, I made it all because I felt then I knew exactly what was in it. However, I believe there is some good information from Sandy van Calcar (dietician at Univ. of Wisconsin and author of the blue book re: feeding the Galactosemic child)regarding baby food. She is available by phone and e-mail and there will be an update book out in a few months (the first of the year, I think). You might consider calling or e-mailing her. Let me know if you need her info. I have e-mailed her a few times and she is very helpful.

Anonymous said...

How can I get a copy of that book? I attempted to google it and cant find anything.

Nina said...

Patrick and I went back and forth on the making of food. We started with carrots and then had a bit of a scare. After a long conversation with our dietician, I just feel more comfortable with the premade foods that have been tested. We have been using Gerber, Heinz and Beechnut - based on what the books say.

The blue book from the University of Wisconsin is more liberal, so we have been using the stricter guidelines in the Ross Labs book and online at the pgc website (it's a pretty good list there). We are doing this until Brody's levels are in the normal range. If you would like me to fax you copies of the pages in the books, I would be happy to.

gioia said...

Thanks gals. I do have copies of both books and we will probably be on the stricter side in the beginning as well. And, yes, Denise, I would LOVE Sandy van Calcar's info. I had a bit of a meltdown on the phone with my mom yesterday about Shy's diet, so the sooner I can get some info to them the better.

Denise said...

To whom ever asked about how to get the book on diet it is called Understanding Galactosemia A Diet Guide
The authors are Lori Hartz, Kimberly Pettis and Sandy van Calcar. We got ours from our dietician and like I said a new one is coming out. Here is Sandy van Calcar's e-mail address for Gioia and whoever needs the book--e-mail her and I'm sure she can help you both