Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jewel Shop and Share

Hey all,

I got the info sheet for our Jewel Shop and Share fundraiser in the mail yesterday. We have three sets of dates planned to raise money. The first set of days is April 6-8, 2009. PGC will get 5% of all sales made those days by individuals who hand in and sign our identification slip with their purchase.

Who would like to pass out slips! Obviously I would wait until closer to the sale days to hand out the slips to friends and family, but I figured I could mail all of you a copy of the slip now and you could make as many copies as you want. Does everyone have access to a xerox machine? For those of you who don't I ordered 300 already printed slips but they will not be available until 3/16/3009. What do you think would be the best way to distribute slips to the members of this group?

Also, I got a sample press release format for anyone who would like to advertise this fundraiser in their schools, churches, local newspapers, etc. Let me know if you want that.

AND, the check will be mailed to me, but it will be made out to PGC. I will then send it to PGC with a request for certain monies to be returned to our splinter group. Does that sound ok?

I have never chaired a fundraiser before so any suggestions on how to move forward are welcome!


Nish said...

i am interested. I can make copies.

Also, i have questions-
1. Is there any incentive for the shopper directly?
2. Are we registered for Chicago land area only? i ask because we have people in this group out side of this area.
3. .....forgot my question...

gioia said...

Hi Nish,

1. There is no direct incentive, just the satisfaction of helping out :)

2. Any Jewel-Osco store is fair game. But it must be a Jewel-Osco, not Albertsons, which is what they are called in some other states.

3. I tried to telepathically see your question but my powers are not up to par - it's Monday!

I will send you the info and a master slip to copy, copy, copy!!

Angela said...

What about Shaws stores? That's what Jewel is called in the East Coast. The Shaws stores have an OSco in them...

gioia said...

Nope, it has to be Jewel. Not sure why, but I called and asked and was told "Just Jewel dear."

Angela said...

Well, thanks dear!!!

Anonymous said...

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