Friday, December 12, 2008

Research Study

Hi everyone! I hope all is well! Where is everyone anyway? busy busy busy time of the year! I just wanted to let you know Grant participated in Dr. Judy's study this month. At his normal appointment with Dr. Hoganson we took a little extra blood (the same stick---only one time) and overnighted it to Dr. Judy at Emory in Atlanta. If we want research done we are going to have to provide blood and info. to Doctors willilng to do the research. If you want more info on the study or how to be involved please talk to me or I'll give you Dr. Judy's info. Thanks!!! Denise

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gioia said...

Nile and I would like the information about the study. I am not sure if Shy is too young, but if we can, we would be willing to donate a little extra of her blood to the cause.