Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Please post any suggestions for our super-duper big annual fundraiser for PGC Midwest here!


Nish said...

1.Concert evening
2.Charity Golf
3.Raffle, silent auction and dinner

SPGolz said...

Do we want to make it a family or adult event?

SPGolz said...

My brother-in-law has organized golf events so I would definitely get his help but I think you may not get a large crowd because not everyone plays.

Nile said...

Just throwing ideas out there:

1. walk-a-thon, race, ect.
2. carnival/festival
3. art auction with a theme. (artists donate their work for sale)
4. day at a water park, theme park, etc.
5. some bizarre or silly contest... hot dog eating, race in high heels, mud volleyball tournament, or something much more creative and original
6. wine/beer tasting

Denise Wilburn said...

I think we could use several ideas and do several things in the same day/weekend---for instance a run/walk in the a.m.--a carnival with face painting, jumpies, silent auction, food in the afternoon maybe a bag tournament and then a concert at night. I don't know any bands and my concern is how are we going to get the $$ to pay these people up front? I vote against the golf outing---but I'm biased because I don't like golf and it is generally expensive.

Michael Healy said...

A "Not Milk" carton race....
this idea is a spin off of the durby races that the boyscouts do. This could be constructed localy and then results posted. The local, regon, and national winners could then be published. Construction would be simple (wood, visqueen, and a pump to create water flow). This concept could easly be a kick off for a barbaque, an event for the kids durring a race.

Nile said...

I love Michael's idea.

Here's another...

My brother-in-law used to work at this high-end antique shop. It is a BEAUTIFUL space. He mentioned that we could use the space for a fundraiser (silent auction, diner, dance type thing). I know nothing about cost or details yet. I wanted to see what everyone thought first.

Here is the website:

What do you all think?

gioia said...

I am not too keen on golf either, but I also know a person who has thrown several successful golf charity events. As far as bands for a concert, my little sister married a local rock star (Chicago) and so I know a few people from the local scene. They would probably help out with little money upfront-although don't quote me on that-I may be living in my own happy, perfect dream world at the moment.

Nish said...

The atrium looks like an awesome place. Looks like we can combine every ones ideas for an auction, dinner, dance evening.

The website says it is about $3600 for a non-profit to rent the place. Plus food + every thing else.

My concern is the location. That will be an issue no matter what or where we try to raise money. We all know people around where we work or live, so how do we mobilize them to come to the location of the event? What about kids? I guess we need to have a conversation to hash things out.