Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hello all.
I was on a domain name site (looking for personal use) and saw that they are having a domain name sale.
We can own PGC-MIDWEST.info (not .com or .org) for $.99 for 1 year or $10 for 10 years.
Doing so, we will not have to use the hosting domain name like we do now (idptech in http://gama.ldptech.com)

What do you say?
UPDATE: After talking to the domain people
I understood their pricing chart all wrong apparently.

So, it is $.99 for the first year, $5.49 for 2nd yr, $6.99 for 3rd and 4th yrs, $8.19 for 5,6,7,8,9 years and the 10th year we will pay $9.09. In total, in 10 years we will pay $70.50 which at regular price would cost us $109.08

are we still in?



gioia said...

I like that idea. It is such a small amount of money and as a result, the website will be easier to remember and therefore, easier to access. I think we should do it.

Nile said...

Sounds good

Anonymous said...

NIsh--sounds great! I say do it----$10 for 10 years sounds great----

KMalyn said...

My husband who works with computers says $70.50 would be good. A lot of the time prices are more than $100. My husband does not really design the content of webites though. He could help set one up if needed but, he did do the galactosemia discussion board.

KMalyn said...
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gioia said...

I agree that $70 is a good price and we should consider it.

SPGolz said...

It seems like a good price and the site would be easier for people to get to when searching.

Denise Wilburn said...

I still think it is a good idea---do we pay up front? Even if whoever could chip in did---it wouldn't be that big of a deal--I hate to say everyone has to do a certain amount---because we don't want to put anyone on the spot and don't know peoples situations---but if we just say--if you can give to this cause send the checks to Nish and whatever isn't covered I will take out of the $$ I raised. Fair enough?

Nile said...

That sounds fair to me.