Monday, October 6, 2008

Shop and Share

I have participated in Jewel's Shop and Share fundraisers before for different groups I have been part of and it is really a low hastle, low prep way to make money for our organization. All you have to do is pass out fliers to as many people as possible and then shop at Jewel on the designated days and 5% of all sales will go to your group. Here is the website with more info:

I would be willing to get the application from Jewel and complete the paper work if/when we decide to use this as another fundraiser. We could use the money to put together those "Welcome Baskets" if we decide to do that as well.


Nish said...

sounds simple. I say lets give it a try.


SPGolz said...

It seems so easy but so effective! Let me know if you need help. We should probably see about opening a bank account?!